If passing the big three-oh mark has taught me anything, its that after 3 decades on this earth (and 3 across the world moves) you can't out run yourself. You can't truly change who you are inside, and that the world is a far better place once you embrace your uniqueness. 

I recently had a big mind "spring clean" and unburdened myself of a lot of goals and thoughts that just weren't relevant anymore, and it felt as if I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding. I wanted to share the idea of a mind clear-out in the hopes it might help someone else get back on track. We are constantly bombarded with inspirational quotes about chasing your dreams that I think we all need to hear it's Okay to change your mind, its okay to change your dreams.

Personally, I've finally realised I'll never be one of the cool kids; I'll never trade my authenticity for popularity, I'll never know the 'right' thing to wear, who the latest 'it' band is or where the newest hot spot to hang out is. I just ain't one of the cool kids. And its bloody liberating!
I like naps over yoga classes, grey days & walking in the rain over sun baking on a beach, and would choose to sit at home painting rather than go out drinking. I like tea over coffee and 80's romance movies over Game of Thrones. I'd rather read in bed next to my husband on a Sunday morning than nurse a hangover, and would always choose to explore "the quiet side" of the island than buy a package holiday. This would probably be another person's form of boring hell, but I've given myself permission to leave all the unnecessary noise behind and embrace the things that make my soul hum. I'm doing life my way and thats made all the difference.

I've learnt that once you figure out who you are and accept it, that's when you truly own life. Your version of success is always going to be different to the person next to you, so stop trying to fit the mould, and think about what you really want. Switch off your screen for a little while, go sit still for 10 minutes and really think about what you're doing (I mean seriously reevaluate - constantly- what you're doing and why). Because the magic happens when you let yourself be true to you. And after you do, all the energy you didn't realise you were putting into being something else you can now use to create something truly wonderful.

Not everyone can be millionaires, Instagram super stars or world travellers, but what the world really needs is just more people who are being themselves, not being the version of themselves they think they should be.

I hope that if reading this leaves you with one thought it's that its always worth listening to your gut and that you should "Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all." (Nathan W Morris)
I'll never be a cool kid, you might not be one either. But thats cool too.